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"Forgive One Another" 09.11.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Welcome One Another" 09.04.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Accept, do not judge One Another 08.27.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Garments of Grace" 08.21.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Rejoice in the Lord" 08.07.22_Amy_Besola.pdf

VBS Passport to Peace: Do You See What I See? 07.27.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Ordinary people, Extraordinary God: God's Severe Mercy" 07.24.22_Lynell_caudillo.pdf

"Ordinary people, Extraordinary God: Facing Temptation" 07.17.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Ordinary people, Extraordinary God: Beauty and the Fool(s)! 07.10.2022_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Ordinary people, Extraordinary God: David & Jonathan - A Unique Bond 07.03.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Ordinary people, Extraordinary God: David & Goliath - Will the Real Giant Please stand up? 06.26.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Ordinary People, Extraordinary God: The heart of a King" 06.19.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"How To (And How NOT to) Choose a Leader" 06.12.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Will these Bones Live?" 06.05.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Ordinary People, Extraordinary God: Samuel" 05.22.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Ordinary People, Extraordinary God: Samuel" 05.15.22_Amy_besola.pdf

"Ordinary People, Extraordinary God: Hannah" 05.08.2022_Ps._Lynell_caudillo_Amy_Besola.pdf

"Body Language" 04.24.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

The Great Reversal!" 04.17.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Who Is This?" 04.10.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Jesus’ Final Words from the Cross 04.03.2022_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Words from the Cross: “Forsaken” 03.27.22_lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Words from the Cross: “Your mother…Your son…” 03.20.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Words from the Cross - “Today…with Paradise” 03.13.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Lenten Series: Words from the Cross - "Father, forgive" 03.06.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Glimpses of Glory: From the Mountain to the Valley 02.27.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

A Trio of Parables : Field of Vision, Fruit, Foundations  02.20.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Love My Who?" 02.13.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

 (Valentine slideshow in Special Communications below)

"Let's Go Fishing!" 02.06.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf  

"The Great Commission in Trying Times" 01.30.2022_Amy_Besola.pdf

"One of Us" 01.23.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

It Takes a Family 01.16.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

New Beginnings: Through the Eyes of Simeon and Anna 01.09.22_Amy_Besola.pdf

Advent - Through the Eyes of the Wise Ones 01.02.22_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Advent Through the Eyes of the Shepherds 12.19.2021_Cindy_Ehlke_Troy_Couch.pdf

Advent Through the Eyes of Joseph 12.12.2021_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Advent Through the Eyes of Mary 12._5.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Advent Through the Eyes of Zechariah 11.28.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Best Investment Plan Ever (Part 2)" 11.21.21_Lynell_Caudillo_Amy_Besola.pdf

"Best Investment Plan Ever (Part 1)" 11.14.2021_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Sacred Gifts, Responsible Stewards 11.07.21_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf

A “Tested Faith”: Prayers That Make A Difference 10.31.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf    

A “Tested” Faith: Affluence and Adversity  10.24.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

A “Tested Faith”: Reaction to Worldliness 10.17.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

A “Tested” Faith: Words and Wisdom 10.10.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

A “Tested” Faith: Faith=Works + Action 10.03.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

A “Tested” Faith: Addressing Partiality 09.26.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

A “Tested” Faith: Centered in God’s Word 09.19.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Growing God's Way" 09.12.21_Cindy_Ehlke_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"An Antidote to Worry" 09.05.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"His Eye is on the Sparrow" 08.29.21_Amy_Besola.pdf

"Spiritual Protection" 08.22.21_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf

"All Wet: Living Water reprise" 08.15.2021_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"They are with Me and He is with Us" 08.08.2021_Cindy_Ehlke_Troy_Couch.pdf

"Fruit of the Spirit: Self-control" 08.01.2021_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness" 07.25.2021_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf 

"Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness" 07.18.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness" 07.11.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness" 07.04.2021_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Fruit of the Spirit: Patience" 06.27.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Fruit of the Spirit: Peace" 06.20.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Fruit of the Spirit; Joy Like Jesus'" 06.13.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Fruit of the Spirit: Love Like Jesus" 06.06.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Growing in the Likeness of Christ Through the Holy Spirit" 05.30.2021._Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Pentecost Reprise" 05.23.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Don't Just Stand There...!" 05.16.2021_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Chosen And Beloved Friends" 05.09.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Getting /Staying Connected" 05.02.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"Do You Hear the Shepherd Calling?" 04.25.21_Amy_besola.pdf

"God's Message to the World Today" 04.18.21_Troy_Couch.pdf

"Unshakeable Faith" 04.11.21_Amy_Besola.pdf

"Walking with the Risen Christ" 04.04.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

"The Pain and the Promise" 04.02.21_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
Lent 2021 Series - Cross Purposes: The King we Want  vs the King we Get 03.28.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Lent 2021 Series - Cross Purposes: Either /Or, Both/And? 03.21.2021_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Lent 2021 Series - Cross Purposes: Turning the Tables 03.14.21_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf

Lent 2021 Series - Cross Purposes: "Foolish Wisdom" 03.07.2021_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Lent 2021 Series: 'Cross Purposes' 02.28.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Church You've Got mail: Letter to Laodicea - The Church that Makes Jesus Sick 02.21.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Church You've Got mail: Letter to Philadelphia - Finding Us Faithful 02.14.2021_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Church You've Got Mail: Letter to Church in Sardis - Reviving a Dead Church 02.07.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Church: You've Got Mail: Letter to Thyatira - Finding A Moral Compass 01.31.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf 
Church: You've Got Mail - Defending the Truth in a Culture of Lies 01.24.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Church: You've Got Mail - Suffering. 01.17.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Church: You've Got Mail - Lost Love, Renewed? 01.10.21_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
New Year, New Hope 01.03.21_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
Worth Waiting for? 12.27.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Christmas Eve Service: "Emmanuel" Christmas_eve_meditation.pdf
Questions of Advent: What then shall this child be/come? 12.20.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Questions of Advent: Why am I so Blessed? 12.13.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Questions of Advent: Is There Room in my Life for God? 12.06.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
The Questions of Advent: “How will I know this is so?” 11.29.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Intentional Grace Leads to Intentional Gratitude 11.22.20_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf

People of the Parable 11.15.20_Amy_Besola.pdf

Grace + Gratitude = Generosity 11.08.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Finding Jesus in the "Face" of Justice: 11.01.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

How shall we 'Do justice'? 10.25.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Why Shall we ‘Do Justice’?  10.18.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Justice in Our Neighborhood 10.11.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Jesus and Justice Part 2: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner10.04.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf        

Jesus and Justice Part 1: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 09.30.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Generosity and Justice  09.20.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

What is Biblical Justice And Why it Matters   09.13.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

What Does the Lord Require?   09.06.20_Amy_Besola.pdf

Lament to Hope: God is up to something…New! 08.30.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf  

From Lament to Hope: Uncensored Lament 08.23.2020_Lynell_Cadillo.pdf

From Lament to Hope: When Words Fail 08.16.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

From Lament to Hope: It's Not All About Me? 08.09.20_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf

From Lament to Hope: Praying in the Midst of Pandemic  08.02.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

From Lament to Hope: Celebration and Dancing Delayed: How Long, O Lord?  07.26.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

From Lament to Hope: Hope in the Midst of Pandemic/Pestilence 07.19.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
The Gift of Lament 07.12.20_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
Unexpected Blessings:  Blessing of Joy in the Midst Of Persecution (or Pandemic) 07.05.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

 Unexpected Blessings: Peacemakers - Children of God 06.28.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Unexpected Blessings: Pure of Heart 06.21.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Unexpected Blessings: Mercy 06.14.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Unexpected Blessings: The Blessing of Right Relationships 06.07.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

The Pentecostal Blessing: Hope for today  05.31.20_Amy_Besola.pdf

Unexpected Blessings: The Blessing of Gentleness 05.24.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Unexpected Blessings: Blessed Sorrow 05.17.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Unexpected Blessings: In Whom Do We Trust? 05.10.20_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf

Unexpected Blessing: The Wisdom of the Beatitudes 05.03.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Up Close and Personal: Jesus and the Extravagant Woman 04.26.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Up Close and Personal: Jesus and Lazarus 04.19.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Up Close and Personal: Jesus and Mary Magdalene 04.12.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

What is Good about Good Friday? 04.10.20_lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Turning the Tables on our Expectations 04.05.20_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf

03.29.20 Lynell Caudillo Up_Close_and_Personal_Jesus_and_the_Blind_One_s_.pdf

Up Close and Personal: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman   03.08.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Up Close and Personal: Jesus and Nicodemus 03.01.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Making peace in a World of Conflict: Trust, Mercy, Justice and Peace 02.23.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Making Peace in a World of conflict: Pointers from Paul's Letters 02.09.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Making Peace in a World of Conflict: Active Listening 02.02.20_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf

Making peace in a World of Conflict: Peacemaking Within the church
Making Peace in a World of Conflict: The Present of Presence 01.19.20_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Making Peace: Finding God's Face 01.12.2020_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Walking in the Light 01.05.20._Amy_Besola.pdf
And Now for the Rest of the Story 12.29.19_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
Christmas Eve Service 12.24.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
The Greatest Lover Story Ever Told 12.22.2019_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
A legacy of Love: Zechariah & Elizabeth 12.15.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
A Legacy of Love: Ruth and Boaz 12.08.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf  
Abraham, Sarah, and Laughter 12.01.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
How Much is Enough 11.24.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
What Will Your Legacy Be? 11.10.19_Amy_Besola.pdf
Genuine Reciprocity 11.03.19_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
Consequences of Human Hubris 10.27.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Promises Wrapped in a Rainbow 10.20.19_Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
Floods, Family and Faith 10.13.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
God's Grief, God's Grace 10.06.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Honey, what happened to the kids? 09.29.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
God's Good Creation: Made for Relationship 09.15.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Beginnings: God's Good Creation 09.08.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Question the Risen Christ Asks: Do you have anything to eat? 09.01.19_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Special communications