lay leadership

Our Lay Leadership serves our congregation in a variety of ways. 

Elected Elders serve as the 2024 Ministry Team Chair with congregational volunteers serving along side to do the work of the church in the following areas:

 Jodine Burke, Steve Henry, Tom Jensen, 

Cait Jewell, Dawn Kinney Miller, 

Kathryn Reid, Lynne Snyder

Clerk of Session - Cherie Murchie

Elected Deacons serve through prayer and the prayer chain, visiting shut-ins, sending the congregation birthday and anniversary cards, maintaining the parish system and helping out wherever needed.

Our Board of Deacons for 2024 are:

  Martha Blodgett, Mary Ann Dacus,  

Lawton Case, Eva Dietz, Sara Griggs, 

Mary Maltby,  Cathy Nelson,

Carol Reed and Sue Steinmetz