Calvary Presbyterian Church Reopening Guidance for Community-based Groups

In compliance with Washington State and King County Health Guidelines

Approved by Session on September 26, 2021

Calvary's Session Suspended this Policy on September 12, 2022


Calvary Presbyterian Church supports a safe-reopening to protect staff, those who attend worship services, and community-based groups. The sanctuary building now has a new air-purification system. For groups using the Christian Education building the recommendation is to have windows open during the times groups are meeting indoors. At the conclusion of your meeting: Please make sure all windows are fully closed before leaving.

Mask Wearing: Anytime while on the Calvary Church campus ALL persons must wear masks covering your nose, mouth, and chin. Because of the resurgence of Covid-19 and new variants, a person can feel fine (be asymptomatic), but still be shedding the virus. Everyone 5-years of age and older in King County must wear a face covering within indoor public spaces. This does not apply to those while drinking beverages brought-in by individuals.  FREE MASKS AND HAND SANITIZER are provided at each entrance. We trust your group to make the best decision to protect the health of everyone who attends your meetings.

Vaccinations: We encourage members of our community 12 years of age and older to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus COVID-19. When more people are vaccinated each community is better protected. We understand that some in community-based groups who attend meetings in our facility will be unvaccinated. All persons using our facility are strongly recommended to be vaccinated.

Social Distancing: While the King County Guidelines has no specific physical distancing requirements of 6 feet, we are recommending that your group continues awareness of spacing for the health and safety of others when both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are in our facility.

Contact Person: All Groups will be responsible to have a designated contact person to receive information from anyone who attended your meeting and has tested positive for COVID-19. This will allow for communication to be given to those from your group. When this occurs the designated contact person must also call the Calvary Presbyterian Church office 360-825-3820. This contact tracing may be critical to help save lives.

Personal HygienePlease practice healthy personal hygiene while using Calvary facilities. Washing hands is still one of the best prevention strategies against the spread of COVID-19 especially when preparing food in our Fellowship Hall kitchen and after contact with shared surfaces in our restrooms.  Adequate soap, towels, hand sanitizer, tissues, trash cans and disposal bags will be provided. Please sanitize kitchen surfaces after use.

This policy will be reviewed based on future outbreak conditions.

Calvary Presbyterian Church is thankful to your group for following and respecting these guidelines for the safety and health of one and all who use our campus facility.