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Is Cataract Surgery In Our Future?  04.15.18__Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
The Church's Mission: Keep Breathing  04.08.18__Ann_&_Charlie_Lewis.pdf
No Foolin', Christ Has Risen!  04.01.18__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

I Thirst & It Is Finished  3.18.18_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me  3.11.18_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Behold Your Son...Behold Your Mother  03.04.18__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Today You'll Be With Me In Paradise  02.25.18__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Father, Forgive Them...  2.18.18_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Improve Your Love Life  02.11.18__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Serve One Another: The Legacy of Rev. Dr. Sargent  2.04.18__Dan_Farr.pdf

Have Fellowship With One Another  01.28.18_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Be At Peace With One Another  1.21.18__Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
Accept; Do Not Judge One Another 1.14.18__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
A New You, For A New Year  1.7.18__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

A Fresh Start  12.31.17__Amy_Besola.pdf
Home For Christmas 9:30 A.M.  12.24.17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Jesus' Ancestry.com (Part 2) 12.17.17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Jesus' Ancestry.com (Part 1)  12-03-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Grace in Giving (and Receiving)  11.19.17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Sermon On The Amount  11-05-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Stir Up And Admonish One Another  10-29-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Encourage One Another; Bear One Another's Burdens  10-22-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Confess Your Sin and Pray for One Another   10-15-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Forgive One Another  10-08-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Forbear One Another: Really?  10-01-17__Cindy_Ehlke.pdf

Welcome One Another  09-17-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Something Old, Something New  09-10-17_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Recipe For A Loving Life  09-03-17_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

The Trouble With Kids, Part 2  08-20-17_Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
The Trouble With Kids, Part 1  08-13-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
The Joy of Finding (and Being Found)!  08-06-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Church Growth & Kingdom Gardening  07-30-17__Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
Unparalleled Treasure Can Be Yours!  Really!  07-23-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf  
Where's Cisco Morris When You Need Him?  07-16-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
From Here to Eternity; Ready or Not!  07-09-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
How Much Do I Need, If I Can't Take It With Me?  07-02-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Storm-Ready Foundations  06-25-17__Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
Equal Pay for Unequal Work?  06-18-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
The Ten P Tour of Joseph's Life  06-11-17_Youth_Sunday.pdf
Good As New, What's God Up To?  06-04-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf

Excuses And Unintended Consequences  05-28-17__Lynell_Caudillo_.pdf
What To Do...The Weeds Are Back Again!  05-21-17__Cindy_Ehlke.pdf
Kids Will Be Kids!  05-14-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf
Who Is My Neighbor?  05-07-17__Lynell_Caudillo.pdf