lay leadership

Our Lay Leadership serves our congregation in a variety of ways. 

Elected Elders serve as the 2018 Ministry Team Chair with congregational volunteers serving along side to do the work of the church in the following areas:

Worship - Marlene Jakel and Virginia Borg

Christian Education - Heidi Russell

Mission - Brocc Snyder

Church Life - Eva Dietz

Buildings and Grounds - Jackie McDonnell

Finance - Mark Delmarter

Long Range Planning - Dick Johnson

Personnel - Alan Reiter

Clerk of Session - Cherie Murchie

Elected Deacons serve through prayer and the prayer chain, visiting shut-ins, sending the congregation birthday and anniversary cards, maintaining the parish system and helping out wherever needed.

Our Board of Deacons for 2018 are Shelia Bogdon, C.J. Dursteler, Jane Dursteler,

Linda Eastwood, Lydia Fisher, Sara Griggs, Marian Kerr, 

Carol Reed, Sue Reiter, Lynne Snyder,

Pat Speed, and Judy Zumwalt.